Pick Up App




One day, I decided to look for pick-up art applications to use infield, whether for theory or tips. They clearly werent made by pick-up artists and had no clue of the needs of our community. So, I decided to learn programming just to present you this app. It was harsh and frustrating but... I am very proud to present you the very first real Pick Up App In the app, youll find: - Random Quote (pick-up or self-development related) - Lots of theory ranging varied topics (Abundance mindset, a glossary, approach anxiety, among others) - Nightgame Checklist - Random Opener Generator - Platform to write and read your own Field Reports - A lot more upcoming functionalities A Big Thank You to Luca, Alex and Mia for the support and great ideas. A thank to every member of the community and especially those who Ive come across with.

Panda Pop