Obstetric Ultrasound




Ultrasoundpaedias Obstetric app is a detailed description on how to perform Obstetric Ultrasound. It is an invaluable encyclopedia of how-to for health professionals providing or interpreting ultrasounds. It encompasses everything about 1st,2nd and 3rd Trimester scanning. Each section contains: • Detailed scanning techniques • An huge array of normal ultrasound images with colour overlays describing the anatomy seen. • Schematics of anatomy and biometric measurements • Growth charts, graphs and biochemistry information (AFI, umbilical artery, bHCG, AC,BPD...) • Precise explanation of the 2nd trimester morphology scan • 3rd trimester Doppler is covered in detail. • Placenta, umbilical cord evaluation • Multiple pregnancy and how to determine chorionicity Links are available to other visit websites for pathology and embryology. It has carefully been created by professionals for professionals. This application should not be used a replacement for formal ultrasound training. Departmental policies and local laws should always be followed.