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Design of the false ceiling aluminum is an ideal solution for the bathroom and kitchen reform. Naturally they provide a sense of clarity and space, allowing you to place any lighting and require little maintenance. Design wooden false ceiling, remembering the warmth of this material, it is an excellent alternative in cold environments. Previous work further to cover the floor, wood has gained support in the false ceiling, especially through imitation brings kesederhanaan.model home ceiling light and simple, the model bedroom ceiling, plywood ceiling models, models of simple living room ceiling, gypsum ceiling elegant models, models of wooden ceiling, a small living room ceiling models minimalist ceiling in 2016. False ceiling fiber formed by mineral fiber plate 600mm x 600mm x 600mm or 1200mm, which rested on the structure of the metal usually will see an outline. The nature and characteristics of the various large, because the products of high-end, which comes from waterproof, sound absorption, reflection of light.